Coral Double Tassel with Black Crystal Beads

Double Tassel Necklace - Coral Black

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Coral Black Double Tassel - Our Newest Doubles have been rocking out the door... if your wondering, Yes! tassels are back on trend and hotter than ever.  If you want to add sparkle and elegance to your look then our doubles will be the perfect accessory.  Wear them to suit your style, wrap around your neck for a sexy choaker look or tie them for longer length.

135cm lariat that can be carefully stretched out.

Our tassel necklaces are handcrafted with beautiful cottons and our stunning crystal beads are individually knotted for exceptional quality and strength, your new tassel will outlast the biggest nights out.  

Caring for your Tassel Necklace - Hang from a hook when your not wearing it.  You can wash your tassel with mild detergent.  You can iron your tassel however just hanging it for a while will straighten out any kinks.